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Native New Yorker and self-described late bloomer, singer/songwriter Marion LoGuidice did not break into the music scene until she was 40. Right out of the gate, however, she melded the perspective, songwriting smarts, and performance presence of a seasoned veteran with the freshness of a newcomer.  In the words of Chuck Taylor, “What happens when you mesh a bit of folk, an ooze of blues, a dash of funk and fortify it with the melodic singalong essence of a universal been-there-lived-it singer/songwriter? Cool cats meet Marion.”


This late bloomer hit the stage running, with sold-out performances in myriad venues ranging from Austin's Cactus Cafe (SXSW) to NYC's (Le) Poisson Rouge, Joe’s Pub, Gramercy Theatre.  And along the way, she made  5 remarkable and well-received recordings (with one featuring a duet with the legendary Cyndi Lauper). Then Marion took a several-year hiatus following the death of her parents. Judging by how audiences have reacted at her shows, she has been keenly missed.  It is fair to say that more often than not, at the end of a show her audience would visibly and audibly transition from basking in the glory of her performance to grappling with the reality that the set was really finished and there would be no more music that night.


Happily, Marion is back again and working with her longtime musical partner Larry Saltzman (The Blue Nile, Carole King, Simon and Garfunkel).  As Jody Denberg notes “Marion is the kind of artist that only comes around once every decade or two. The worldview she relates in her music has changed mine for the better.”  Fortunately for all of us, Marion is coming around twice in a decade.

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